Compression stockings: good at sports?

Compression therapy is commonly known as a component of medical treatments for venous disorders. But athletes are more and more frequently wearing compression stockings during exercise. But also in races and marathon events compression stockings can be spotted during the competition. No question, not all of these athletes will suffer from a venous disease. But why are compression stockings so popular with athletes? And what effects should be achieved with the stockings as desired?

Sport with compression stockings

A new trend in sports is spreading. But this time it is not a new sport, but an orthopedic aid that is entering. Apparently inspired by the top athletes who have been using compression stockings in training and competitions for some years now, the popularity of stockings is also growing among recreational athletes.

Time and time again in the media and Internet forums to hear and read that the use of compression stockings in sports can lead to a possible increase in performance. One can hardly believe that at first glance, because compression stockings inevitably remind of support stockings in grandmother's time. But optics are not everything. The compression stocking has already proven itself with many benefits in the medical sector and is a successful component in venous area treatments.

To prevent broom tears and varicose veins, wearing stockings is very popular, especially on longer flights or during pregnancy, and possible additional watering in the legs. But also in sports, the compression stocking is effective.

Compression stockings support regeneration

The compression stocking exerts a local pressure on the ankle. This pressure narrows the vein diameter. The constriction allows the blood to flow faster, minimizing the risk of blood clots forming. The tissue fluid can now be taken up again in the veins, but also flow better again. As a result, the legs can not swell so much, water retention is prevented and the legs feel many times lighter than would normally be possible without wearing compression stockings under stress.

Another advantage is that the blood flows better through the pressure of the compression stocking. This also allows more nutrients and oxygen to be transported to the muscles. The oxygen content in the muscles can increase the activity, which is why the wearing of compression stockings is also said to increase performance.

Compression Stockings: Experts Disagree About Effect

However, this is a frequently discussed topic among experts. It is undisputed, however, that the hocks are stabilized by wearing the compression stockings, thereby minimizing the risk of typical sports injuries such as kinking or torn muscle fibers. In addition, compression stockings are suitable for the regeneration of the muscles.

Compression stockings are divided into four different classes. Depending on the class, they have a different material that can exert different pressure on the ankle. For use in sports, many orthopedic manufacturers have expanded their range of compression stockings and offer their own sports stockings specifically for sports. However, care must be taken that the compression stockings also sit properly on the leg.

In medical houses, the legs are measured and then the right stocking is selected. Because only if the compression stocking also has its exact place on the leg, desired effects can be achieved.



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