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  • Change behavior - more success in life
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It is not easy to change habitual behavior, it requires honest and self-critical perception. This means being sensitive to the reactions and actions of others to determine where behavioral changes are needed. It is necessary to compare self-image and external image, to ask how one sees oneself and how one is seen by others. Behavior change begins with the analysis of which behaviors lead to the goal and which lead away from the goal or block.

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Behavior change is a continuous work on yourself. Develop your own personality. This is a challenge, but each challenge develops your personality at the same time. Unfortunately, two stumbling blocks often inhibit the successful development of the words "if" and "but."

Bear in mind that the risk of omitting something is as great as doing it. Therefore, the two important words for successful development "I can": Who believes in great things, can also make a big difference. Adjust your behavior to what you want to achieve. Now begin to change your thoughts and thus your behavior so that you achieve the best possible for yourself. Now set out to do the six stages of sustainable behavioral change.

What do you really want?

The first step will be your most important step. Fix your goal that you want to achieve. Check exactly what your goal is.

Do you want z. B. be a good father? What do you do for yourself to make this task fun? Ask yourself if you want to face the growing pressure. Take your time for a detailed analysis. Check your goal with the following questions:

  • Do I really want it?
  • Is that exactly what I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • Why is it so important to me?

I'm always amazed how many people tell me what they do not want, how it should not be and what does not work. But in order to achieve something in life, one must focus on what one wants - not on what one does not want. The more accurate and clear you have your goal in mind, the safer you will be able to target it.

Always remember that you have a negative image in mind when you imagine something you do not want. This negative image affects your condition and thus your behavior. Generate positive images for your vision, which reflect your goal, to which you can focus and which you strive for.



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