Healing clay and fango


In natural medicine, the element of the earth has been known since antiquity - healing earth, for example, is a true all-round talent for complaints in the gastrointestinal area. It soothes the stomach, absorbs excess stomach and bile acids and toxins of all kinds. It also helps with skin problems and is used in body care. "Dirt cleanses the stomach" - this wisdom from childhood has a true core. But simply calling it "dirt" would not really do justice to this natural remedy. Clay, loam, clay and other earths have anti-inflammatory and heat-removing properties - they are also used in fever.

Healing earth: Greetings from the ice age

Healing earth consists of loess and loess is rock dust that originated sometime between two million and 10,000 years ago in one of the Ice Ages, when the glaciers moved across the rock faces. The meltwater drove the fragments and small particles into the rivers and valleys.

The wind continued to bleed these sediments until they settled down, as for example in the Kaiserstuhl: 30 meters thick here is the loess layer, a light yellow-brown, dusty loose rock consisting essentially of quartz granules. Other important ingredients are minerals and trace elements such as:

  • iron
  • calcium
  • copper
  • sodium
  • phosphorus
  • silicon
  • zinc
  • selenium

Healing earth, as it is bought today in the pharmacy or in the health food store, comes from the deeper soil layers and contains no further additives. It is finely ground and has one strong suction power - thanks to their enormous surface: only ten grams make about 60 square centimeters.

Versatile effect of healing earth

The ancient Egyptians used Nile mud to treat numerous skin diseases. Hippocrates recommended them internally and externally. Pastor Kneipp and the "clay pastor" Emanuel Felke have successfully used the "healing earth" in numerous therapies.

Healing earth for internal use

Many know and appreciate it in heartburn, because thanks to the clay minerals, the ion exchange is supported and excess stomach acid neutralized.

For digestive problems, flatulence, stomach ache, etc., you should drink about a teaspoon per liter of water daily throughout the day. In case of diarrhea take several teaspoons diluted in water.

External use of healing earth

In contrast to fango packs, healing clay is applied externally cold, for example at:

  • acute inflammation
  • burns
  • insect bites
  • bruises

When applying the cold-mixed healing earth pulp first enters a cooling effect, later the fabric is warm. A healing clay treatment stimulates the excretion of metabolic products via the skin and promotes blood circulation - hence the heat effect.

Warming effect of healing earth

This warming effect is exploited in a wide variety of applications:

  • In joint diseases like rheumatism Healing Therapy is used and can contribute to a decrease in swelling.
  • at acne Cleans healing earth the skin of fat and sebum, it is better supplied with blood and bacteria are absorbed. At the same time, it gently removes dead skin cells.
  • Warm healing earth envelopes can in chronic inflammation of the joints and muscles be applied - but there are also fango and moor.

Fango: Urelement earth without side effects

There is no doubt about the beneficial effects of peloids - this is what we call fango, mud, mud and healing earth. Fango is volcanic rock, it is just like healing earth full of minerals. Finely ground, cleaned and moist, it is used as mud to treat painful muscles and joints in the form of hot packs. The tissue is perfused, relaxed and alleviated pain.

Fango and Moor have joined, among others chronic diseases of the urinary tract proven, mineral and Moorheilbäder but also serve as a therapeutic support for respiratory diseases and metabolic disorders.




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