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In addition to football, handball enjoys great popularity in Germany. After the summer fairy tale of footballers had narrowly failed in 2006, the handball players made the winter fairy tale 2007 true with the victory at the Handball World Cup. "If not now then when?" was the motto of the boys around coach Heiner Brand - and with the victory, the team gained cult status. But handball is not only popular with boys and men - team sports are also very popular with women.

Women's Sports Handball?

Finally, handball was originally conceived as a women's sport - as a counterbalance to the "hard men's sport" football. In 1915, Oberturnwart Max Heiser designed the girl's play "Torball" for this purpose. He drew on first rules back, the Dane Holger Nielsen had written in 1906, as developed from different, some already known in antiquity precursor games, for the first time a game in which a ball was thrown into a goal.

In 1919, two years after being renamed "Handball", gymnastics teacher Carl Schelenz gave the game its present form as a body-emphasized sport, though at that time still as a field handball. Only the Scandinavians pushed the development from handball to the predominant indoor sports due to adverse weather conditions.

In handball, the tactic counts

Each handball team consists of one goalkeeper and six field players. Handball fans appreciate the strategic game. In fact, the tactics in handball plays a big role.

The rules are extensive and the game fast:

  • Since the player is allowed to hold the ball only three seconds apart from dribbling, fast action, concentration and teamwork are required.
  • Because handball is played at great speed and with a lot of physical effort, it trains above all endurance, attention, strength and fitness.
  • After dribbling, a player is allowed to play a maximum of three paces, then he must drop the ball or throw on the goal.
  • During the goal throw, the circle in front of the handball goal may not be entered.
  • As punishment or even in a draw after twice extending the seven-meter throwing practice.

Handball at the Olympics, European Championships and World Cup

Handball is relatively unknown outside of Europe - and in the UK and the Benelux it is not one of the most popular sports. In Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe, on the other hand, the interest continues unabated: TV broadcasts handball live and records high attendance at major tournaments.

Handball Germany can look back on a great tradition: The first World Handball Championship was held in Berlin in 1938, and the German team won the field in both field and indoor handball. Two years earlier, the German field team was able to prevail in the Olympic Games.

After the organization of the first German handball championship in 1948 and the founding of the German Handball Federation (DHB) in the following year, the German national team soon won a priority position in European comparison. The men's as well as the women's selection regularly participate in Handball World Cup and Handball European Championship tournaments and also start at the Olympic Games.

National 1966 Handball Bundesliga men was founded, the introduction of women's handball Bundesliga took place in 1975.

Prevention of injury in handball

In handball, there are many duels, making this sport is classified as very physical. Injuries or body aches are often not enough. Especially common Problems in the shoulder such as Injuries to the knee or ankle on.

The following measures can help to avoid handball injuries:

  • According to a study by the University of Kiel, women in particular have a greater risk of injury to the cruciate ligament during handball (for example, cruciate ligament rupture), which should be taken into account during warm-up training.
  • Strengthening of the muscular joint control, especially the functional stabilization of the knee joint, is very important to avoid injuries in the handball.
  • Even exercises for movement control, the center of gravity and the correct foot position may not be missing in handball training.

Health Tips for Handball Players

In general, the risk of hurting is greater for inexperienced players. It can easily come to a torn ligament in the heat of the moment. On the right one equipment such as knee pads and especially the matching shoes should therefore not be a handball beginner.

Around overuse injuries To avoid any handball player should increase his training and playfulness slowly. Again, apply: If you have any complaints, stop exercising and see a doctor. Many damages can otherwise become chronic, as well as professional players know.

In large and important handball tournaments is therefore criticized in the media partly that many players to painkillers as Diclofenac would have to do to meet the high stakes in handball.




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