Metabolic treatment: Weight loss with globules


The metabolic treatment promises easy weight loss within 21 days - without the feeling of hunger and the yo-yo effect. The metabolic treatment focuses on calorie reduction and the intake of vital substance products. In addition, the pregnancy hormone HCG is used, which, unlike the HCG diet, in the form of globules or homeopathic drops to help you lose weight. We present the 21-day metabolic treatment and inform about possible side effects.

What is the metabolic cure?

The metabolic cure enjoys increasing popularity worldwide. It should detoxify the body and "reprogram" the metabolism, so that the figure is maintained even after the end of the diet. For this, a short-term change in diet is combined with the intake of nutritional supplements and homeopathic HCG globules. The metabolic treatment is divided into different phases, whereby the actual diet phase lasts 21 days. Therefore, the diet is also called 21-day metabolic cure.

As an appropriate time to perform the metabolic treatment, a time without holidays is recommended. Even those who have planned a great physical effort, such as a sporting competition, should postpone the diet. Incidentally, the metabolic treatment is also suitable for vegetarians.

Metabolism cure: How does it work?

The metabolic treatment shows some similarities with the HCG diet. In both diets, only 500 kilocalories may be taken each day. A lot of drinking and a diet without fat and carbohydrates are therefore the focus. With the intake of different nutrients the metabolic cure wants to prevent a malnutrition.

Both diets rely on the hormone HCG, which is supposed to stimulate fat metabolism as an activator. However, the hormone is not injected in the metabolic treatment, but should be taken in homeopathic form as globules or drops.

Fitness training is not a must

The metabolic treatment does not require physical activity, but can be supplemented with fitness training. Even if the cure can be carried out alone, there are numerous offers for a supervised metabolic treatment.

A coach or fitness trainer will provide you with a personal nutritional plan and, if necessary, a fitness plan and recipes for a low-calorie diet.

Objectives of the cure

The metabolic treatment promises, like most diets, a fast and healthy weight loss. The HCG globules play a special role in the "kilo kick": according to the providers, they are supposed to attack excess fat deposits, which are mainly on the hips, thighs and abdomen, and thus specifically combat the fat in the problem areas.

In addition, the metabolic treatment, depending on the provider, lures with the following results:

  • Permanent weight reduction of up to 12 kilograms in 21 days
  • Long-term reprogramming of the metabolism to counteract the yo-yo effect
  • tighter and smoother skin and less cellulite (anti-aging effect)
  • Deacidification and detoxification of the body
  • Reduction of fatigue and fatigue, increase in vitality and stamina
  • Improvement of joint pain, varicose veins, allergies and diabetes

Losing weight should be accompanied by a metabolic treatment without any feeling of hunger, loss of performance, deficiency symptoms or the breakdown of musculature. Better results could be achieved according to the providers with a longer implementation of the cure.

Dosage and effect of HCG globules

The hormone HCG (Humanes ChlorionGonadotropin) causes the mother's body to attack its fat reserves during malnutrition during pregnancy. As part of a diet HCG should stimulate the metabolism and inhibit the feeling of hunger. In contrast to the hormone injections in the HCG diet, homeopathic HCG agents are used in the metabolic treatment, which should not interfere with the hormone balance.

The homeopathic HCG remedies are available as globules or drops. These are available over the counter, also on the internet. As there are many black sheep in the market, you should play it safe and buy your product better in a pharmacy.

The HCG globules should not be swallowed, but be sucked under the tongue. It is recommended not to eat or drink for 15 to 30 minutes. Regarding the dosage, there is no single recommendation. Most of the time, 6 to 30 globules or drops will be distributed throughout the day, whereby the single doses are taken two to six times a day.

The vital substance products of the diet

In order to prevent deficiency symptoms as a result of the radical calorie reduction, nutrients are on the diet plan in the metabolism cure. The supplements are offered by different manufacturers and with different nutrients.

Depending on the supplier, the products contain, for example, antioxidants, enzymes, essential amino acids, trace elements and various vitamins. Omega-3 fatty acids and protein shakes are also used. As with the HCG globules, the recommendation is not to be seduced by the low prices of dubious providers, but to pay attention to high-quality products.

Metabolic treatment: side effects and criticism

Those who already have experience with the metabolic treatment often report headaches, especially in the first few days, which is attributed to the release of toxins from the cells. Malaise and nausea can also appear as side effects as a result of losing weight fast.

In the criticism, the metabolism is especially because of the radical reduction of calorie intake to 500 kilocalories a day. Although this contributes to the effectiveness of the diet. However, such malnutrition not only promotes the yo-yo effect but, critics say, can seriously affect performance and endanger health. Suppliers therefore emphasize the importance of nutrients for supplementation.

Controversial effectiveness of the diet

A central criticism of the metabolic treatment is the use of HCG: The hormone HCG is not approved as a means of losing weight, as it has numerous side effects. Suppliers argue that the globules do not contain the hormone, but only its information. As a result, side effects are excluded. But the effectiveness of Globuli is highly controversial, since it - as well as the effectiveness of the metabolic treatment itself - is not scientifically proven.

Cost of the treatment is remarkably high

In addition, there are the high costs of metabolic treatment. The expenditures for the vital substances and HCG globules add up quickly to several hundred euros.

Basically, it is advisable to consult and have a check-up with a physician before carrying out the metabolic treatment and to carry out the diet under supervision. It should be - as well as when buying the products - pay attention to a serous provider. Especially for children, pregnant and lactating women and for people with certain chronic diseases, the metabolic treatment is considered inappropriate.




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