Do grapes make you fat?

No, that's a nutritional tale. In the context of a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables (recommendation: daily one kilogram) also grapes are seasonal on the menu. In September every year is the time of the grapes, one of the oldest and most widespread fruit species in the world, which was probably already cultivated in West Asia 7,000 years ago. Many wrongly condemn the sweet berry as a fattening.

What does a grape actually contain?

Just like the other types of fruit, the grape contains mainly water, essential vitamins such as vitamin C, minerals such as magnesium, fiber and phytochemicals such as atherosclerosis preventive resveratrol, which should also be anti-cancer (anti-cancer).

Grapes in comparison to chocolate

A serving of grapes with 125 grams delivers just 89 kilocalories. A bar of chocolate with 20 grams beats on the other hand with 107 kilocalories to B (a) uche. While after a portion of grapes sets by the volume and the fiber contained a continuous saturation, the bar of chocolate just makes you want more!

Can diabetics eat grapes?

Even for diabetics grapes are not taboo, because the carbohydrates are half in the form of fructose, the body metabolized insulin-independent and the blood sugar is virtually impossible to increase.

grape varieties

There are wine grapes for wine making and table grapes for consumption. The seeds provide healthy grapeseed oil.



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