Huna Mana - Mussel massage from Hawaii

Hawaii - who does not think directly of a true paradise? Bright sunshine, a wide, blue sky, endless white sandy beaches, culinary delights and a wonderful flowerage characterize Hawaii. Beauty and wellness are very close together in Hawaii. Even the natives of Hawaii made use of nature for medical medicine and beauty care through cosmetics. Huna Mana is one Energy massage, which leads to deep relaxation and at the same time gets the body going.

What does Huna Mana mean?

A massage is soothing, can relieve tension on the whole body and is an integral part of many wellness treatments. A very special technique offers the Huna Mana Shell massage. With heavenly scented oils, special massage techniques and Hawaiian sounds as well as the laying on of shells on the body, the Huna Mana massage enchants the senses and leads to an absolutely deep and pleasant relaxation.

Even if Hawaii is away for us, a kind of relaxing getaway is possible through the massage Huna Mana.

The term Huna Mana comes from the Polynesian:

  • HU is translated with a blazing fire.
  • NA means gently flowing water.
  • MANA means life energy, it is the energy that flows through plants, animals and people, so everything that lives, with positive energy.

The term Huna Mana thus hides a connection of the two energies of fire and water as a philosophy of life.

Special features of the Huna Mana Massage

The special thing about this energy massage are the technique and the massage strokes. At the back of the body, the fiery-blazing energy is expressed. With dynamic and vibrating massage strokes can be loosened on the back, buttocks and thighs and legs blockages and tension. This allows new energy to flow through the body again. The massage on the back of the body is perceived as wonderfully invigorating.

Musically, this is accompanied by impulsive Hawaiian rhythms and sounds.

The clam technique

On the front of the body, on the other hand, one works with flowing, calm and gentle massage strokes. This results in an absolute deep relaxation. The relaxing effect is supported by meditative sounds and the sound of the sea in the background.

Absolute wellness highlight is this Laying on shells. On the entire front half of the body including the face various shells are launched to enhance relaxation. Shells are commonly known as energy sources, in the Huna Mana massage, this energy is used for achieving pure relaxation.



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