Apple Cider Vinegar - Tips for Skin and Hair

Apple cider vinegar is a cheap home remedy for the skin and hair. As a rinse, peeling or tonic the vinegar helps against pimples and blemishes as well as greasy hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. Here you will find information on the effects of apple cider vinegar and tips for its application for shiny hair and beautiful skin.

Aspartame - sweet poison?

It is packed in sugar-free chewing gum, low-calorie yogurts and many other diet products. Aspartame is a chemical sweetener that promises low-sugar diets, but its side effects are controversial. While critics accuse aspartame of carcinogenic ingredients, experts give the all-clear - despite to be considered side effects.

The 13 best weight loss tips!

You decided to fight the bacon? The goal should always be to permanently change his lifestyle to a healthy diet - combined with more exercise. But first of all, it's important to persevere. Here are the best tips and tricks that can help. 1.

Concentration exercises at the workplace

Article content Concentration exercises in the workplace Relaxation exercises in the workplace Whether in the office, at school or at home - in everyday life of modern people, similar situations occur almost everywhere: The list of tasks to be completed and processed becomes longer and longer, while the concentration and efficiency in the same Scope seems to decrease.

Compression stockings: good at sports?

Compression therapy is commonly known as a component of medical treatments for venous disorders. But athletes are more and more frequently wearing compression stockings during exercise. But also in races and marathon events compression stockings can be spotted during the competition.

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Thalasso: Heal with the power of seawater

The healing power of seawater and its ingredients is behind the term Thalasso. Rheumatism, heart problems, skin diseases - all these and many other diseases can be treated with thalassotherapy - this was already known by the Greeks. Everyone knows how well a day at the sea works.

Elderberry - flowers against colds

Even the ancient Greek doctors used elderberry as a medicinal herb. Diokurides, one of the most famous pharmacologists of antiquity, recommended the root of the elderberry for dropsy and its leaves for inflammation. However, the fact that the inner bark of the plant, scraped from below upwards, acts as an emetic and, from top to bottom scraped, as a laxative, has clearly proved to be a superstition.

Mulled wine

Seductive is the smell of cinnamon and cloves, cardamom and oranges - especially when it flows from the steam of mulled wine into the cold noses of the Christmas market visitors. Deceptive, however, is the belief that warm alcohol can warm the cold feet and ears sustainably. What is the good thing about mulled wine?

Pomelo: mix of grapefruit and grapefruit

In addition to kiwis, pineapples, lemons, oranges and papayas, the fruit counters in Germany have been enriched with pomelo for an exotic fruit for several years. The pomelo, which was first produced in Israel in 1970, is a cross between grapefruit and grapefruit. All three fruits belong to the group of citrus fruits.

Breastfeeding: proper nutrition

Breastfeeding: Proper nutrition Breastfeeding: Covering energy and nutrient needs Breastfeeding: Problematic foods Breastfeeding: Stimulants and medicines "Anyone who is breastfeeding, has to eat a super healthy diet, is tethered at home and gets a hanging breast ..." - these prejudices are far from being dispelled.

The oral irrigator - a practical helper for dental care

Proper teeth cleaning is essential for good dental health. Especially for cleaning the interdental spaces, an oral irrigator can be a useful helper. Does a mouthwash thus replace the dental floss? And what should be considered when using and cleaning oral irrigators? Here you will find tips on the function and handling of oral showers.

Lip care in winter

Our lips need to be taken care of to keep them healthy and soft. Especially in winter, an extensive lip care is important so that the lips do not dry, rough or brittle. Because the change of cold temperatures and warm heating air puts them pretty well. Particularly bad are often affected the corners of the mouth, which often tear in winter.

Tetrazepam can make you dependent

Tetrazepam is an active ingredient in the benzodiazepine group used to treat muscle tension. Benzodiazepines have a soothing effect, as well as reducing anxiety, tension and excitement. Because tetrazepam can make you addicted quickly, the drug is not suitable for people with acute or past alcohol, drug or drug dependence.

The right way to deal with the boss

They are considered rational, distanced and formal, often seem harsh and are less in need of harmony: German managers do not have the best international reputation. But not every boss is a heartless impulse when dealing with his employees. Fortunately, because the professional environment also determines the health in the workplace.

Why are we fainting?

All of a sudden, one is no longer master of his senses and any perception of the outside world disappears: the powerlessness (lat. Syncope) is a frightening state. There are a few typical situations in which people often faint. Thus, in very low blood pressure or shock states often synonymous fainting.

Piercing in the mouth - Dentists say no

Tooth jewelery and tongue piercings, or lip piercings, many young people find "cool" and "chic". But the teeth and gums of those affected should see this differently. A study by US dentists showed already in 2007: While Dazzler (sticking symbols made of gold foil) and Twinkels (massive jewels made of gemstones) are glued superficially on the teeth and are harmless, piercings in the mouth are problematic and damage from a dental point of view in the long run the oral cavity.

Is salt healthy?

Salt is vital to our body, because without salt, certain bodily functions could not be sustained. However, we should not take too much salt - this is especially true for people with high blood pressure or kidney problems. Otherwise they can cause health problems.


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