Harmful natural plant substances

Many plants naturally contain substances that can exert a toxic (toxic) effect in humans and animals. The plants serve these toxins (toxins) in different function. They can prevent the predation or assist in the defense against microorganisms. For the human organism, these substances may have a more or less harmful effect.

Spiral: prevention without hormones

The spiral, also Intrauterinpessar, is one of the most widely used contraceptives in addition to pill and condoms worldwide. The 2.5 to 3.5 cm spiral is inserted into the woman's uterus. While the first models of intrauterine devices had the shape of a spiral and were thus eponymous, today's copper spiral is usually T-shaped, made of plastic and has a sheathed with copper wire shank.

Diabetes mellitus and cinnamon

Cinnamon has been valued for millennia for both its taste and its many health benefits. New findings now point to another benefit: the blood sugar-regulating effect of cinnamon. Find out here what makes cinnamon so interesting for diabetics.

Poison Center

In case of poisoning or suspected poisoning, you will find emergency call centers with poison alarm in Germany, the first aid measures and important information in emergencies. First aid for poisoning Keep calm and do not rush over salt water, do not give milk, do not induce vomiting. In case of severe symptoms such as unconsciousness and shortness of breath use ABC measures: clear the respiratory tract (respiratory) respiration cardiac circulation 112 or 19222) Call a Poison Control Center Drinking a few sips (water, tea or juice) After contact with eyes or skin, rinse with water. After inhalation of toxic gases, supply fresh air Important information in case of emergency Who (Age and weight of the Affected) What (exact name of the toxin, best read from the pack) When (exact time of ingestion) How was it ingested?

Lip care in winter

Our lips need to be taken care of to keep them healthy and soft. Especially in winter, an extensive lip care is important so that the lips do not dry, rough or brittle. Because the change of cold temperatures and warm heating air puts them pretty well. Particularly bad are often affected the corners of the mouth, which often tear in winter.

When children are teething

Article Content When children teething home remedies for teething children Tooth breakage - that sounds like pain. What can parents do when babies are groaning and announcing the first tooth? The time the teeth show up varies from child to child. Some of them already have biting teeth at the age of three, others smile toothlessly on their first birthday.

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Sour milk products - yoghurt, buttermilk and Co.

Yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, sour cream - sour milk products are part of many people's daily diet. And rightly so: Buttermilk and Co. not only taste really good, they are also healthy. Not only the protein and the vitamins contribute to this, but also the lactic acid bacteria, which are responsible for the sour taste.

Medicinal plants as medicines

Already before primeval times one used different spices - with cult actions, in the kitchen and in the art of healing. The healing effects of certain spices are scientifically studied and confirmed today. Thus, the dried medicinal plants are an important part of modern herbal medicine.

Visit to the organic farmer

Most organic farmers market their products themselves. Which means that the products are sold directly on the farm. At first this sounds a bit awkward, after all not everyone has an organic farm around the corner. For the consumer, shopping at the organic farm also has advantages, for example that the goods are cheaper.

Ski healthy

Article content Healthy skiing Skiing: with helmet, without alcohol Skiing is an absolute classic among the many opportunities for winter sports. No wonder, skiing is not only fun and freed from the stress of everyday life, but it also does good health, as long as you stick to important basics.

Weight loss aids from the pharmacy

At the beginning of the year, many people are wishing for the feel-good weight. A number of weight loss aids promise support on the way to the dream figure. The pounds tumble quickly, motivating initial success to continue. However, the result of lightning diets is rare for a long time, because at some point the dreaded yo-yo effect sets in.

Long-distance travel - insulin, pill and jet lag

The pill with a time difference: Combination pills containing estrogen and progestin are safely protected if the interval between two consecutive coated tablets does not exceed 36 hours. So if the time difference is not more than 12 hours, you could take your pill at home and at the resort at the usual time.

This is how cytostatics work

Cytostatic agents are substances that inhibit cell growth and / or cell division. They are primarily used in the context of chemotherapy for cancer. Because cytostatics attack cells that divide quickly. This is the case with cancer cells that multiply through uncontrolled cell division, but also with some healthy body cells.

Apples: Tasty and healthy

Apples: Tasty and Healthy Apple Varieties - a Small Ingredient Apples - Enjoyable at Any Time of the Day Over 30 vitamins and trace minerals, 100 to 180 milligrams of potassium and many other valuable minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium or iron carries an average sized apple in and below it Bowl.

Healthy snowboarding

Over six million German skiers and snowboarders are drawn to snowy slopes and slopes in winter. But many snowboard departures end in the hospital instead of the valley station. That's why you should prepare early for the upcoming snowboard season, preferably in autumn. Who is particularly at risk and how to take precautions, learn here.

Blood test

Blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the organs and, on the way back, carries along the waste product carbon dioxide to exhale. It is also a major artery for the many other substances that need to get from one place to another in the body. All the substances that are in the blood can be measured.

Smoothies - health homemade

Fruits and vegetables five times a day - that's the recommendation for a healthy, balanced diet. At the same time it is also a challenge. Smoothies offer a healthy alternative. They can either be bought in the supermarket or they can be prepared simply and wholesome at home. All you need is fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt or buttermilk to taste, olive oil, sugar and a blender.

Why do Asians not tolerate milk?

The reason is above all that Asians lack an enzyme, namely the Lactase.Lactase is needed to split the milk sugar lactose into its digestible substances. Infants produce this enzyme in order to utilize the mother's milk. If it is missing, the milk sugar begins to ferment in the large intestine.


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