Orlistat: Over-the-counter support for weight loss

The active substance orlistat is used to treat severe obesity. It reduces the absorption of fat from the diet and thereby supports weight loss. Orlistat should only be used in conjunction with a reduced-fat diet, as it can lead to more side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and greasy bowel movements.

Purifying honey massage

Honey is popular as a sweet treat in children and adults. But honey can not only be used as a delicious food, for thousands of years, the golden yellow bee product is also used in cosmetics and in treatments of natural medicine. A massage with honey is beneficial for the whole body and at the same time conjures up a velvety-tender skin.

What are emulsions and emulsifiers?

Oils are by nature not miscible with water. If such liquids are combined, this is called an emulsion. Thus, an emulsion refers to a system of two immiscible liquids, one of which is aqueous. Emulsions are milky-turbid liquids. The consistency of individual emulsions can vary from viscous to creamy but strong.

Tamoxifen - antiestrogen for breast cancer

Tamoxifen is an active ingredient that was first sold under the trade name Nolvadex®, but is now also available from other manufacturers (generics). Tamoxifen blocks estrogen receptors in various tissues. The drug is mainly used to treat and block hormone-sensitive tumors, as estrogens (female sex hormones) promote the growth of certain breast and uterine tumors.

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Food combining: advantages and disadvantages

Some swear by it, the others think it useless, and the truth is somewhere in between - food combining is one of many ways to eat consciously and healthily. However, the health aspect, which was much sworn about 70 years ago, to prevent acidification of the body by strictly separating protein and carbohydrates, has since been refuted.

Medicinal plants as medicines

Already before primeval times one used different spices - with cult actions, in the kitchen and in the art of healing. The healing effects of certain spices are scientifically studied and confirmed today. Thus, the dried medicinal plants are an important part of modern herbal medicine.

Health check-up: You should know that!

We can do a lot to keep you healthy and fit for a long time. In everyday life, this is often not easy: Stress is on the nerves, lack of time thwarts the plans for healthy eating, the full desk prevents us from sufficient movement. But even with a healthy lifestyle, it can lead to illnesses.

How the soul heals the body

The question of whether and how body and soul influence each other has occupied people since there is written evidence of illness and health. Also, psychosomatic explanatory approaches to the development and course of diseases have long been linked to connections between the psyche and the body.

Diet for high blood pressure

For hypertensive patients, the change in dietary habits is of particular importance. Because the right nutrition can often prevent the use of drugs or at least reduce their dosage. In the following, we have compiled some nutrition tips for you that can be integrated into everyday life without much effort.

Sleep hormone melatonin

The sleep hormone melatonin is listed as a new panacea in the US, where it is found in numerous nutritional supplements: it is not only intended to help sleep disorders, but also has a positive impact on the aging process of the cells, as well as on the cancer and cardiovascular system due to its antioxidant effect Illnesses take.

Living in old age

Content of the article Living in old Living in old age - Other forms of living Sitting in the four walls at the age? Just continue living as before? The two friends Elsa and Uta did not want that and founded a shared flat 10 years ago. Regardless of their families, they wanted to try something completely new.

What are flavonoids?

Most people do not know the term flavonoids, but we constantly come into contact with them in our lives. Flavonoids are phytochemicals that are said to have health benefits in the human body. Many are not yet fully explored. Nevertheless, some flavonoid-containing plants are also used in medicine.

Cheese: characteristics and fat content of different varieties

Article content Cheese: Characteristics and fat content of different varieties How much fat is in the cheese? Whether on bread, as a snack for wine or for baking, cheese enjoys great popularity with the Germans. Cheese consumption has risen steadily in the last decade. In 2016, every German consumed an average of 23.63 kilograms of cheese.


Article Content Iron Iron deficiency and overdose Iron is a vital trace element. It occurs in the organism in the red blood pigment, in muscle protein and in numerous enzymes. In the red blood cells, it transports the oxygen, in addition, the metallic element plays a role in the production of energy and the production of many important substances.

An overview of the best teas

Even in the Middle Ages, tea was not only a popular drink, but was also frequently used in medicine because of its healing properties. Traditional teas such as black, green or even white tea have always been the preferred stimulants of humanity alongside coffee.

Cocoa: natural mood enhancer

Cocoa has been a sought-after food for centuries, even the majas and Aztecs have enjoyed the fine taste of cocoa. But while they still brewed a bitter-hot beverage from cocoa beans, cocoa in Europe only became a popular luxury drink when mixed with sugar.


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