Antibiotic ciprofloxacin

Ciprofloxacin is a prescription antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. It is prescribed for urinary tract infections such as cystitis or pyelitis. Typical side effects of Ciprofloxacin include diarrhea, nausea and rash.

Eat fat without discomfort

Fat is not just fat. Whether vegetable or animal, saturated or unsaturated, long-chain, medium-chain or short-chain - the type of fat also affects our health. Find out here which type of fat is in which food and what you can eat without a guilty conscience.

Why are the hairs getting gray?

Gray hair is considered a symbol of aging, because at the latest from the 50th Age of hair is interspersed by gray strands in most people's hair. But why are our hair actually graying? The reason that the hair appears gray is a lack of melanin in the hair. Melanin production naturally declines in old age but may be affected by certain diseases or medications.

Maple syrup

Content Maple Syrup Maple Syrup - Grade, Diet and Effects Maple syrup is one of the oldest and most natural natural products available. Maple syrup is tapped today from the Canadian maple trees, as it was hundreds of years ago. The secret of the trees had been copied by the first white settlers of the Native Americans.


As a dietary supplement, Biotin has experienced a veritable boom in recent years: biotin capsules and biotin tablets are said to provide beautiful hair, strengthen the nails and counteract inflammatory skin reactions such as acne. What exactly is this about? Read here what biotin actually is and what it can do in the body.

Healthy and beautiful thanks to activated carbon?

Activated carbon, also known as medicinal coal, is one of the oldest known medicines. Already early civilizations like the Greeks and Egyptians knew about their effect. And even today, there is medical activated carbon, whether pressed or capsules, in every well-stocked medicine chest. Activated carbon is used not only for gastrointestinal problems and detox cures, but is also used in cosmetic products.

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Popular Posts

Back school very different - with the horse to a healthy posture

The luck of this earth lies on the back of the horses. This dreamy postcard cliche contains a lot of truth. But it doesn't tell anything about this sport: "Riding is not only happy, it also has a lot of positive effects on the body," says dr. Dietmar Krause, sports teacher from the German Green Cross e.

Coffee and running: 7 tips for joggers

Energy kick or nutrient robber? Ghosts are divided on opinions about the effect of coffee: While some athletes swear by a cup of coffee before jogging to increase their performance, other runners are concerned that possible side effects may hinder training success. Caffeine and jogging: is that okay?

Sexuality in old age

Many, especially young people today still consider sexuality to be something that stops when women can no longer have children. They believe that only adolescents can experience erotic tension properly and have a high desire for sexual satisfaction, while all of this diminishes more and more as from middle age, finally ending altogether.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Humans depend on the daily intake of vitamin C from food. If the vitamin is missing over a longer period of time, the deficiency disease scurvy develops. This seafaring disease has long been extinct with us, because through our food, the basic supply is covered. In certain times or situations, however, it is advisable to increase its vitamin C intake.

What does the perfect afternoon nap look like?

Especially in the Mediterranean countries, the siesta tradition, but also here on land is like a short nap. But what does the perfect afternoon nap look like and what should be considered? Read our tips for the ideal Power Nap! Background A siesta is relaxing and is good for many people.

Spring goal marathon

When the new year starts and spring is around, many people start jogging because running in nature is fun! Breathing in fresh air, shaping the body and at the same time promoting good health - who sticks to certain rules can do something good for his body and himself with jogging.

Sage - medicinal herb with a nourishing effect

The sage belongs with about 900 different plants to one of the most species-rich genera in the plant world, but only the genuine sage (Salvia officinalis), also gardening, kitchen or healing sage called, finds as a healing and spice plant entrance into our domestic kitchen and Pflanzenapotheke , The Latin name (salvare = cure, salvus = be healthy) indicates the medicinal effect of this herb that has been known since ancient times.

Chocolate: Healthy or unhealthy?

Chocolate is available in a variety of flavors. But no matter whether white, dark or milk chocolate - one thing is common to all varieties: Chocolate is not exactly healthy, because it contains a lot of fat and sugar and therefore also many calories. However, cocoa powder also contains certain substances that can have a positive effect on blood pressure and our heart health.

Why coffee is so stimulating

Most Germans decide daily for their cup of coffee - after all, we Germans drink 77,000 cups on average in our lives. Each cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. When we enjoy the hot drink in moderation, coffee has very positive effects. In the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee slowly but surely prevailed in Europe.

Potassium deficiency

How does potassium deficiency develop? Potassium is an important mineral that plays an important role in the body for the fluid balance and the transmission of electrical impulses to nerve and muscle cells. The potassium level is precisely regulated by the body. The required amount of potassium is taken from the diet and what is too much is simply excreted.

Tips for the berry time

Summertime means berry time: the aromatic berry varieties, which taste just as pure as juice or compote, are enticing with their varied offerings. In addition, the healthy as well as delicious berries provide numerous valuable ingredients. Most associate it with summer - the bright colors and the sweet and sour, refreshing taste of berry fruit.

Fitness training for the face

Laser treatments with Botox syringes or even the surgeon's knife? It does not have to, because anyone can tighten their skin in a natural way. In addition to appropriate care, facial gymnastics should keep the skin young and train the muscles in the face. As an alternative to costly surgery, the good old facial gymnastics is again in great demand.


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