Tips about the mattress

A restful sleep on a suitable mattress is just a dream for many people. Insomnia and sleep disorders are not uncommon. In addition to stress or everyday worries, mattresses can also be triggers for bad sleep. Mattresses are ideal if they can adapt to the body as well as the body shape.

Rusk - good for gastrointestinal complaints

With diarrhea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems, many people like to grab rusks. But why is rusks good at diarrhea? Is rusk really healthy? And what about the rusks diet? The following article will tell you what's in the crispy pastry. Nutrients in rusks Rusk is a yeast pastry and, as such, comparatively low in vitamins and minerals.

Zinc - a vital trace element

Zinc is indispensable for our health. The trace element plays a role in a variety of metabolic reactions: it is involved in the function of about 300 enzymes of cell metabolism and contained in 50 enzymes. Zinc is important for growth, skin, insulin storage and protein synthesis, sperm production and the immune system.

Protein powder for muscle growth

Protein powder, also known as protein powder, is a dietary supplement that has a very high protein content. The powder is taken in particular by athletes, who hope thereby a faster muscle build-up. They especially like whey protein powder, better known as whey protein.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the best known forms of alternative medicine - and certainly one of the most controversial. Does it work or does it not work? Is it really only possible to approach the decision between homeopathy and conventional medicine with "either ... or ..."? The discussion about Globuli & Co. heats up the mind.

11 questions about fascia (expert interview)

Faszien - a term that is currently on everyone's lips. But what are fascia and what are they good for? This and other questions answered Faszienforscher Dr. Robert Schleip, human biologist and director of the "Fascia Research Project" of the University of Ulm in our interview. 1. What are fascia? Dr.

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Pure stress for the teeth - what harm the teeth!

When we think about our teeth, we usually think of the slogans caries and sugar. There are many more factors that "stress" the teeth and harm them permanently. Below we give you an overview of the most common stress factors for our teeth. Smoking makes people's teeth shake Hardly any patient knows that smoking long-term daily up to ten cigarettes has a threefold increase in the risk of parodontosis, according to recent research.

Fluorine and fluoride

Fluorine is a poisonous, highly reactive gas from the group of halogens. The chemical element does not occur in nature in elemental, but only in bound form - and that when fluorine chemically combines with a mineral substance. For example, calcium or sodium fluoride is formed.

Which wine is suitable for which food?

The "grandmother" rule on "wine for food" is simple, memorable and basically not wrong. It says, "Red wine to dark meat, white wine to white meat". Or would you like to have a chablis for game and a chianti for oysters? The "modern kitchen" is more sophisticated in dealing with wines than the mentioned color rule.

St. John's wort: natural help with moods

More and more people are no longer able to cope with the high demands of their professional and family life. Nervousness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue or imbalance are possible reactions of the body. If these disorders are not treated or the causes are not eliminated, many people react with depressive states of depression or psycho-vegetative disorders to depression.

Lip care in winter

Our lips need to be taken care of to keep them healthy and soft. Especially in winter, an extensive lip care is important so that the lips do not dry, rough or brittle. Because the change of cold temperatures and warm heating air puts them pretty well. Particularly bad are often affected the corners of the mouth, which often tear in winter.

Bulimia - symptoms, causes and therapy

Eating disorders such as bulimia mainly affect people in the Western world. Eating disorders can be associated with low, normal or overweight. Bulimia mainly affects young women. Despite great health risks and high suffering, bulimia often remains undetected for a long time.

Thyroid and parathyroid examinations

Article contents Thyroid and parathyroid examinations Thyroid and parathyroid examinations: Basic diagnosis Thyroid and parathyroid examinations: Special examinations of the thyroid The thyroid gland nestles like a protective shield around the trachea with its two wing-shaped lobes.


Content of article Prednisolone: ​​effects and dosage Side effects of Prednisolone Prednisolone is an artificially produced active substance belonging to the group of glucocorticoids. This group is often grouped under the well-known name "cortisone". In its effects and side effects prednisolone is similar to the hormone cortisol or hydrocortisone produced in the adrenal cortex of the human body.

Drinking water pollution by drugs

Content of the article Potable water from drinking water Drinking water from medicines - wastewater treatment In the opinion of environmental experts, drug residues in drinking water are a growing problem. Ten active ingredients - including bezafibrate (to reduce blood lipid levels), diclofenac (analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs), ibuprofen (painkillers), antibiotics and X-ray contrast media - have been repeatedly detected, including various painkillers and X-ray contrast agents, says the toxicologist.

Blood donation

Article Content Blood donation How does blood donation work? In an emergency, blood can help save lives. However, in order for patients in hospitals to be able to receive a blood transfusion at all, they are dependent on blood donors: Only regular blood donations from healthy people can ensure that patients can be helped in the event of a fall.

Stress: What can one do against stress?

Article content Stress: What does that mean? Stress: What can one do against stress? Many stress sufferers make a big mistake: they do not want to accept the problem of being overstrained. This does not fit the image of the successful career maker in the profession or the sovereign home and father.

Sour milk products - yoghurt, buttermilk and Co.

Yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, sour cream - sour milk products are part of many people's daily diet. And rightly so: Buttermilk and Co. not only taste really good, they are also healthy. Not only the protein and the vitamins contribute to this, but also the lactic acid bacteria, which are responsible for the sour taste.


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