Snake venom - Healing poison

The Australian Inland Taipan is the most venomous snake in the world. But their deadly poison can also save lives: it has been used successfully in animal experiments for the prevention of chronic heart failure. Even today, snake venom components are used in the pharmaceutical industry and in medicine in the field of blood clotting and in neurobiology or now also in cancer research.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes drive many important biochemical reactions in the body. For example, they convert substances into other substances and break up large molecules. Therefore, enzymes are also referred to as biocatalysts. They develop basic building blocks that are necessary for our body from the food and are involved in the metabolism.

Examinations of brain and nerves: further procedures

Content of the article Examinations of the brain and nerves Examinations of the brain and nerves: functional tests Examinations of the brain and nerves: other procedures In the examination of the brain and nerves, various neuropsychological examinations may be required, as well as imaging techniques, such as MRI and CT.

Acetylsalicylic acid

Although the name is a tongue twister, but the drug has star quality: acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Whether it's a headache, a toothache, a fever or a hangover after a night of sleep - almost everyone has helped ASS before. As early as 1850, this little brother of salicylic acid was first produced by the French chemist Charles Frederick Gerhardt.

Chaste Tree

Chasteberry is at home in the warm countries around the Mediterranean. The willow-like shrub can grow up to six meters high and bears small, pleasantly fragrant flowers with white, pink or purple coloring. From them arise the brown-black, pepper-like fruits, which are processed for medical purposes.

What you should know about sparkling wine

Article content What you should know about champagne Sparkling wine - tips for sparkling wine fans Sparkling wine is a popular drink, especially on festive occasions. From "Extra Brut" to "Doux", sparkling sparkling wine comes in different flavors with different sugar content. We will inform you about calorie and alcohol content of sparkling wine and give you tips on shelf life and storage.

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Prunes: First aid for constipation

When the days are getting shorter again, the plum has season. With its sweetish taste it still reminds us of the summer, but at the same time gives us a healthy start into the autumn. Because plums not only have important vitamins and minerals, but also help with constipation and other health problems.

Which vitamin we need for what

To stay healthy, our body needs vitamins, minerals and trace elements in addition to the main nutrients. These substances initiate vital processes in small and very small quantities. A well-balanced mixed diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole-grain products usually ensures the need.

Detox cure: detoxification for the body

Content of the article Detox cure with basic foods Detox cure with juices It is considered the magic weapon against obesity and detoxification of the body par excellence: the detox cure. Around this term are various diets and numerous products that help the body to cleanse itself from toxins.

Sodium and chloride

The two minerals sodium and chloride together form the salt sodium chloride, which is used as table salt and salt in the diet. Sodium and chloride are responsible for the transmission of stimuli along nerves. In addition, both maintain the function of the cell membrane and the activation of numerous enzymes.


The vegetarian diet is based on the philosopher Pythagoras and includes the teaching that humans should use only or mainly food of plant origin as food. There are various forms of vegetarian diet. There are also different reasons for vegetarianism and advantages and disadvantages of this type of diet.

How much iron is really in the spinach?

Some misunderstandings change the lives of thousands of people. And surely as a child you always had to hear that you should eat your spinach, because it contains so much iron, right? But this is a mistake: one hundred years ago, someone wasted a decimal place when writing a nutritional value table.

What are micronutrients?

Nutrients are generally all substances needed by the human body for normal development and maintenance of health. In addition, the term refers to two groups of different food components: First, there are the macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins (proteins) and lipids (fats).

Corn: healthy enjoyment

Corn has a permanent place in our diet: In many households, the day begins with a portion of cornflakes. The cereals can also be eaten cooked or roasted as a side dish, as a porridge instead of rice or in the form of popcorn as a snack in between. In contrast to other cereals, corn has the advantage that it does not contain gluten and is therefore also suitable for people with celiac disease.

Quetiapine for the treatment of psychosis

The active ingredient quetiapine belongs to the group of so-called antipsychotic drugs. These drugs are used to treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or certain types of depression. In the past, the term "neuroleptics" (nerve-calming medicines) was often used, but "antipsychotics" describes the effect of the medicines better.

Diet in multiple sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis, MS for short, is a neurological autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. It is also called the Thousand-Faced Disease, because the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and the course of MS are very different and individual. The exact triggers of MS are so far as well as the MS causes unknown.

HCG: the pregnancy hormone

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is a hormone produced in the placenta, which promotes pregnancy through its many important functions. Alpha-HCG and beta-HCG are distinguished, with only the latter HCG, the beta-HCG, which gives the pregnancy hormone its specific character.

Puberty: Between freedom and consistency

Puberty is a time that most parents experience with horror and adolescents with uncertainty. Both sides must learn to face up to conflicts and to keep the balance between borders and open spaces at this stage. Parents have to learn to let go at the same time and to give the children continued support.


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